Happy Freedom Day ✊🏾🖤

Happy Freedom Day Fam

On this day in 1865, our Ancestors living in Texas were among the last to learn of the emancipation of enslaved people. There wasn't wifi or social media back then and were unable to spread news like we are now. And for obvious reasons (🌚) the enslavers did not help spread the news.

The update for our Ancestors' freedom came a whole 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in January of 1863.

Two. Years. Later.

While we we still fight for basic rights and freedoms today, we celebrate today as a step in our journey. One of the missions of Shop Cultured is to use fashion as a tool to inspire, encourage and empower Black Women and Men in the Culture. The Cultured Collection is now live on the site. It contains some of our favorite statement tees.

While news didn't travel fast for our Ancestors - we have the advantage of modern technology today. From now until midnight, take 19% off of your purchase when you use code "JUNETEENTH" at checkout.

Go get yo' shirt! Then tell a friend who needs one too 🖤.


Love 💜, Peace ✌🏾,and 👑 Culture


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